The reason for our store, Sodium Chlorite, is based on the importance of drinking water in our lives. The vast majority of us are not aware of how many times we use water a day. And the truth is that our daily life would be very difficult without water, in the shower, in the kitchen, when taking care of plants, when we need to wash our clothes or dishes, when we get dirty and we need to wash our hands. We are constantly using water.


Many times we do not give importance to something as valuable as water because we have it within our reach just by turning on the tap. But the truth is that billions of people around the world continue to face enormous difficulties on a daily basis in accessing the most basic services.

The water considered suitable for both human and animal consumption, agriculture or industry is fresh water, which in turn is very scarce, barely reaching 2.5% of the planet's total. And here lies the importance of keeping drinking water clean and stopping its contamination. Clean drinking water helps us avoid diseases that can be transmitted to humans, animals or through agriculture.

Water is the basic resource to guarantee the life of all living beings on the planet.

And is that human beings are basically made of water. Just think that at birth we are up to 80% water, and that water fulfills very important missions in our body such as temperature control, blood purification and oxygen transport. In short, drinking water is an essential asset for life and the most important element in nature. Without water there would be no life.


One of the ways to combat the shortage of drinking water is to avoid its waste and unnecessary abuse in our daily lives. For this reason it is so important that each of us fulfill our obligation to take care of it and not waste it.

At Sodium Chlorite we think that a good way of not wasting water is its sanitation to be able to reuse it, since water is a renewable resource. This sanitation can occur through the treatment of water, the objective of which is to restore the desirable characteristics for its use. There are different processes for the sanitation of water and the one we offer is the treatment based on sodium chlorite, given that its efficacy is widely demonstrated.

Likewise, we offer a series of products with the same sodium chlorite base that can help improve the quality of life of our clients. Among them we have insect repellents and disinfectants for the car.

That the human being is totally dependent on water is not something new. Even so, in Europe we are now increasingly aware that it is not an unlimited resource and the responsibility that we all have for its proper use, management and protection to ensure that future generations have access to this natural asset.