Payment methods

At we look for ways to make our users feel comfortable and safe, that is why we implement the best known payment methods on the market in order to keep their payments safe. The same can be done through:

    Credit cards, Visa or Mastercard


    Bank transfers.


Credit Card, Visa or MasterCard:

Payments in our accounts will be made through the Redsys payment system that will provide our customers with the necessary security through SSL when making their secure payments by credit or debit card via the Internet.

Redsys securely stores your financial information and protects it with market leading security and fraud prevention systems.



PayPal is one of the most important payment processors on the internet and is used by more than 150 million users and merchants.

Thanks to La Pasarela Integral, which allows its buyers to pay by credit card, debit (VISA or MASTER CARD) or PayPal without having to resort to a traditional bank gateway and without its users having to register or have a PayPal account.

All this with the security of the PayPal Protection Program.


Wire transfer:

You can pay for your purchases by bank transfer. As soon as the bank confirms the payment of the purchase amount, the order will be sent with our delivery service.