Chlorine dioxide

Why buy CDS or buy Chlorine Dioxide?

What are you waiting for to get your own chlorine dioxide for your mountain trips?

With chlorine dioxide you will have drinkable water wherever you are. Whenever there is a water source within reach, you can purify it in a few minutes and drink it with peace of mind.

Buy Chlorine Dioxide for water purification and kill all viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms.

Buy CDS in Spain of the best quality on our website, directly from our laboratory that manufactures the CDS 3000 ppm.

Manufactured according to Andreas Kalcker and Jim Humble, we do not give information about the cds protocol, as we sell it exclusively for water purification. When buying CDS exclusively for water purification.

Why are you waiting to buy CDS or buy Chlorine Dioxide?

Because you will have all the benefits of drinking water with Chlorine Dioxide wherever you go.

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