Kit Agualab Clorito Sódico al 25% y Activador Ácido Clorhídrico 4% (60 ml) - 1
    • Kit Agualab Clorito Sódico al 25% y Activador Ácido Clorhídrico 4% (60 ml) - 1

    Agualab Kit Sodium Chlorite 25% and Hydrochloric Acid Activator 4% (60 ml)


    Kit with sodium chlorite 60 ml to activate with hydrochloric acid (HCl) 60 ml, to obtain a cleaner. For exclusive use in the potabilisation and cleaning of water for human or animal consumption. Component included in art. 95 of EU Regulation 528/2012.


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    60 ml (25%) + 60 ml (4%)

    Main component (Sodium Chlorite) to activate with (Hcl), to obtain a biocide. For the exclusive use of the purification and disinfection of water for human or animal consumption. Component included in art. 95 of Regulation EU 528/2012 of biocides.

    Liquid solution of NaCIO2 sodium chloride 25%, precursor substance of a biocide (Chlorine dioxide) that is obtained with the combination by acidification with the ACTIVATOR HCL 4%. The set consists of two packages, one of Sodium Chlorite (25%) and one HCl Activator (4%).

    Area of ​​application:

    Mobile preparation of drinking water, for example in caravans, yachts / boats, travel, hotels, outdoors or hiking. It also allows, in addition to making water drinkable, to clean thoroughly, for example kitchen and bathroom surfaces such as a fridge, cutting boards, toothbrushes, drinking bottles, humidifiers or dirty clothes, as well as meat, fruit and vegetables (for example against hepatitis A, EHEC, anthrax and Escherichia coli). It is also a safe means of disinfecting cages, stables, drinking water, and animal feeders.

    Effectiveness and authorization:

    Up to 99.9999% effective against germs (A-D level effectiveness), certified by the Robert Koch Institut. NaClo2 is authorized for disinfection of drinking water, general disinfection in the private sphere, veterinary hygiene, human and animal nutrition.

    Conservation and duration:

    Store in a dry place, in an upright position, well closed and out of the reach of children! If it is not activated, NaClo2, it conserves without refrigeration for 2 to 5 years. Once activated the solution (Chlorine dioxide) can be kept in a cold place (<11 ° C, refrigerator) and dark for about 6 to 9 months, and should be used at this time.

    For disinfection of surfaces and tools in Food Industries and other areas of private life and public health:

    Mix in equal parts, in a clean and dry (non-metallic) glass, 5 ml of Sodium Chlorite NaClO2 Solution (25%) and 5 ml of HCl Activator (4%), in 500 ml of distilled water and stir until obtaining a golden amber color, 25 ml of each to dilute the mixture in 5-10 liters in water, depending on the level of dirt and in a closed container. In a ventilated place, apply this dilution on the surfaces using a cloth or disperser. Leave to act for at least 5 min. and then rinse with plenty of water before use.


    A package containing 35 ml Sodium Chlorite 25% (Naclo2) + a package with 4% HCL Activator

    Concentrated solution at 25% and another at 4%.

    Very high quality and purity for the indicated treatment.

    Screw cap with red and blue colored seal, dropper nozzle.


    Sodium chlorite should never be used alone. It should always be activated with a safe acid such as 4% HCL.

    Mixing equal parts of sodium chlorite with an acid generates the disinfecting biocidal substance of Chlorine Dioxide.

    Opaque 35 ml container, to preserve all its quality and its optimal conservation.

    It is very important to note that exposing the contents to ultraviolet light deteriorates the product.

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    FDS - Clorito sódico 25%

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