Kit Aqualab Citric Acid 50% and Sodium Chlorite 25% (250 ml)


Kit Agualab Citric Acid 50% and Sodium Chlorite 25% drop by drop, the development of the active principle chlorine dioxide is produced.


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Agualab Citric Acid 50% and Sodium Chlorite 25% Kit 250 ml

Our kit of Agualab Citric Acid 50% and Sodium Chlorite 25% 1:1 consists of two components that conform to the guidelines of drinking water regulations and meet the standards of the food industry. By adding the components Citric Acid 50% and Sodium Chlorite 25% drop by drop, the active ingredient chlorine dioxide is developed.

Both solutions are energized during production. Due to this process, a better structuring of the contained water molecules is created to add positive information for optimal availability and effectiveness, as well as the high and low energy frequencies that protect against electrosmog.

Citric acid 50 % (250 ml) is a product with non-toxic properties for the treatment and purification of water. It is ideal for human and animal consumption and is also environmentally friendly.

It is one of the main ideal agents for hygiene and disinfection, highlighting its antiviral, fungicidal and bactericidal properties.

It performs adequately as only low concentrations are needed to perform its function in a good amount of water. Its handling is quite simple, without representing danger or toxicity for the person who uses it.

Although it is not very aggressive and respectful towards the materials with which it intervenes, it continues to be highly powerful and effective in fulfilling its function.

Activator in the process of making water drinkable.

Efficient disinfecting agent for water.

Non-toxic product, feasible to use in the treatment of water for human consumption.

Use disinfectant water carefully. Always read the label and production information before use.

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